Below is a listing of the courses that will only be available through ZOOM registration. Class dates shown are simply a suggestion and dates will be confirmed at a later date.

Classes have been originally provided through multiple Christian teaching venues
CHRISTIAN HEALING MINISTRIES, Jacksonville, FL presently offers remote classes.  This link takes you to their site

First Course:
Each class is approximately one hour in length 
History of Healing In The Church
riptural Foundations for Healing
Four Types of Healing
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Healing Our Image Of God
The Healing Power of Forgiveness
Praying for Physical Healing
Introduction to Inner Healing
Introduction to Deliverance
Becoming a Prayer Minister
Conducting The Initial Interview
Developing Prayer Teams

Second Course:
Praying For Forgiveness
Understanding Generational Healing
Healing of Spiritual Abuse
How To Pray For Inner Healing
Conception To Birth Prayer
Healing of Sexual Abuse
Healing In Marriage
Healing the Wounds of Divorce
How to Pray for Deliverance
Healing of Abortion and Miscarriage

Third Course:
Love is A Gift
Intimacy and Identity
Understanding the Emotions
Blessings and Curses
Anger, The Misunderstood Emotion
The Purpose of Fear
Praying for the Homosexual
Understanding the Grieving Process
Ministering to the Seriously Ill
Hearing God
Healing of Addictions
The Ministry of Angels
Spiritual Warfare

Fourth Course:
Praying With Faith and Authority
Developing Listening Skills
Understanding Trauma A & Trauma B
Advanced Deliverance
Understanding and Praying for PTSD
Breaking Inner Vows, Seals & Judgments
Restoring Sexual Wholeness
A Prayer Minister’s Look at Freemasonry
The Power of the Family Blessings
Soaking Prayer
Avoiding Burnout
Exercising Boundaries

Prayer Minister Training – Practicum